Deviously Cursed Loot V8.0 (2019-03-11)

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1. well I got through the prison part fine, enjoyed it mostly, I do share some of the concerns as to repetitive nature, but you have that same problem in prison overhaul, not sure just how that could be remedied, but a lot more random dialogue could possibly help some. rather than NPC always saying the same thing. Even if the resulting event is still the same the varied dialogue could maybe help some. ( Of course varied events, will take a lot of work, and I am sure that would help too )

But eventually the jailing will become probably bothersome or repetitive enough to want to just turn it off in the MCM, which is what I do with many of the event’s, and it is very nice that you have allowed us a lot of control for this, and that is very helpful, thank you.

2. I have one problem, and it may be because my system is getting older, but when I first start playing your mod I run around just fine, and open and close chest’s door’s what ever and all is good. ( I do play it alone with no other mods except for the required mods, and clothing, and armor mods.)

However after I am playing your mod for awhile it seems like there is a pausing that starts to happen, as if a cloak or spell is being dropped way to fast looking for something that it does not find. FPS is always solid 60, but the random pausing that happens to me becomes bothersome. I am unsure what might be doing this, but just mentioning it, in case you have and Idea about that or something I might try to alleviate the problem.

3. It is a good mod, I have more lengthy game plays with Slaverun 3.0 as there is so much to do with it, and I very much enjoy Devious follower, was having fun with Whiterun brothel overhaul, but Tyrant has stopped doing anything with it, and removed it from the mods available list. But this is a very fun diversion, and I always like seeing what new things you have come up with. ( Good work, thank you )

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