Deviously Enslaved Continued [2019-02-12]

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What is meant by a “devisor”? is that supposed to be a divider or is it some special mathematical term i dont know?

(the hints for “Chastity General” settings are refering to this word).

If it is a divider, then if i set “Approach chance (partial) Modifier” to 2, it will divide something by two – but what does it mean? will that increase the chance when compared to setting it to 1, or will it lower the chance?

And regarding all those “LEVEL #” settings…

Are these things explained somewhere? (i skimmed through the pages here, but didn’t find enough info).

When i set “Vulnerable Item” level, what am i setting? a morality level that is required from the NPC? or does this “level” increase some number, and that number is then compared to …what?

I guess the higher the values set here, the more vulnerable that item makes the player? or is it the opposite (which would seem strange, but i am totally confused by all these settings).

Is there some guide?

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