Do you guys think I should get a Nintendo switch or get into pc gaming & you guys can just say or do you guys think I should get even more into pc gaming?

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As someone with a Switch I enjoy it quite a bit. However I can only recommend getting one for two reasons:

– You really want Nintendo’s console exclusive. They do have quite a few good ones but whether that is worth buying a whole console is up for debate at best.

– You travel a lot. The Switch’s portability is very nice. I plan on getting a few games like Bloodstained and the upcoming Samurai Showdown for the Switch simply for having them at the hotels during my vacations. But if you tend to be the stay at home type the Switch’s portability isn’t going to come up much for you.

Some other notes:

– If you were hoping to have access to games from older Nintendo consoles on the Switch you will be disappointed. The Switch’s online store selection of NES/SNES/N64/etc games is pitifully low compared the Wii/WiiU shops. If you’re looking for retro gaming you’re better off getting a Raspberry Pi, Everdrive cartridge, or just installing emulators onto your PC.

– Don’t ever trust Nintendo fully. They’ve been making a lot of good moves recently, such as not region locking the Switch, finally getting decent third party support, and (possibly) being one of the first companies to realize social justice doesn’t sell. However they also recently pulled one of the most dickheaded moves against the emulator community in history while doing almost nothing to provide legal methods to acquire those classic games. Also even if they are being hands off now they have a bad track record when it comes to censorship as well as being quite ruthless about bullying people with their legal team.

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