Dragonborn In Distress

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Every other mod that uses SLA?

I know a mod that reads more stats than just arousal from SLA, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it.

The only conclusion I can draw is that you believe players should turn off a wider feature in SLA because DiD redundantly duplicated part of it in a less-optional way?

Turning off the SLA debuffs also disables the SLA buffs. Which some people might want to keep.

Still not really understanding why DiD duplicated a debuff that was already handled fine by SLA – and as stated is optional in SLA.

The DiD version seems not so optional – unless you want to get rid of a lot, or all, of DiD functionality.

Previously, I had deluded myself it made sense, because you’d based it on a more useful measure, but then it turns out … no.

As a fix, I guess I could simply neuter DiD’s spells or perks in Tes5Edit or the CK, but not everyone wants to go down that kind of path.

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