Dwarven Modular Automaton

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Most likely reason is that you have Devious Devices with the device hider functions turned on. That part of DD is turned on by default, but it does not play well with multi-slot outfits so unless it’s something that you actively use I’d recommend turning the whole thing off. Just go into DD’s MCM under the devices underneath tabs and change anything with a slot assigned to ‘none’.

I’m not familiar with how Cursed Loot does things, but unless it does something particularly weird with them any headgear ought to have some degree of compatibility with the replacement heads. They’re designed to exist more or less within the bounds of the default head shape, so just about anything should fit over them. Headgear models that fully replace the head mesh in the style of the vanilla ‘full face’ helmets will obviously displace them, of course, but those should also be usable with the neck plates of the replacement bodies.

The DMA limbs should be somewhat usable with a torso built with -BAF- as long as you are using one of the build-your-own entries and not one of the pre-built limbless bodies from there or the rest of the DCC. The limbless pre-builds have the hand or foot slots masked off to prevent floating-hand syndrome, so trying to equip DMA limbs onto them will displace the body. The build-your-own system can’t mask those slots and relies instead on the use of the Null limb sets to remove the vanilla parts, but it’s entirely possible to use the DMA limbs which utilize those slots instead. The problem there is that the DMA limbs are not built to align with the variable bodymorph settings of Bodyslide-built bodies, and the shoulders on the DMA arms are designed for a connection point much deeper into the torso than is available using the -BAF- options. As such, clipping abounds.

The legs can be alleviated if you use a body preset close to the base UUNP shape that most of the DMA parts are built with, but there’s not much that can be done about the arms. The fact that it works at all is more coincidental than intentional, honestly.

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