Entrails: Where am I here? – My location mods

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Fear not!

The Department for excessive Settlements, Sewage and Taverns thought about that already!

from the Settlements Expanded page:

“Legendary Cities – patches for both the modular and All In One versions of this mod are now available in the files section. These patches make numerous changes to the base experience of using this mod when it comes to the Whistling Mine / Amol location in order to allow both mods to be used together such as removing the blacksmith house and the public cooking/warming platform as well as removing clashing rocks/walls/lights/patrol routes and many other things. Using this patch means that your Whistling Mine/Amol location will not look like the screenshots for this mod, but will instead be basically like the Amol portion of the LC mod, a rather drastic but necessary step in getting both mods working together.”

=> did you see that: “patches for both the modular and All In One versions”

how awesome is that mod author!

means you don’t need to install single esp and merge them, you can just patch over Amol

just saw there are more patches for everything

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