Fall of the Dragonborn

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The stripping chest event is still in progress ATM, I forgot to comment out the nibbles soft requirement, so that’s my bad. You’ll have to rely on other mods that strip your character for the time being, Mortal weapons and armor mixed with defeat/death alternative so your clothes can get stolen or break works nicely. If your partial to DD, cursed loot or Enchanted chests.

As far as your character not experiencing humiliation. I can’t think of what could be causing that since I have yet to experience LOS humiliation to not trigger even with the most fucked up load order.

When running through towns naked, did you try talking people, which should result in “Don’t look at me!” or pressing the humiliation check key, defaulted to ‘k’, to make sure humiliation is going up at all? Also, be sure to run FNIS.

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