Fall of the Dragonborn

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Please post what version your using, and a papyrus log. Otherwise I can’t even attempt to help.

The frequency of breaks is what I wanted, but I agree the anims don’t need to play EVERY time. I changed it so that the break anims play on the beginning of a break event, and wont do so again until a new break event is triggered. changing the ‘Break Frequency’ Slider to a higher value will make it harder to break after the initial break. The current event has to go over the frequency value of the prior break value to activate another break. So, if the character breaks at 100, and the frequency is 200, then the next break is when the current event reaches 300.

I’ve added a sneaking check to the break anims. As for just letting the enemies fuck her, I really feel that someones will to survive/flee would overpower their want to surrender. XD.

Although, now that I read this, an option to auto surrender at break is prob a good idea. Honestly prob should of did that instead of the advantage system. but meh, I’m an over achiever and enjoy making a minigame of everything.

Thanks for the info, I’ll post it under the caution section. ^.^

I was dumb and didn’t add a check to make sure the character wasn’t in furniture. Will not be an issue in the next update. thanks!

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