Female Creature Workshop

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The current fsFnIsFemale function is a placeholder so it’s deliberately vacant. The one in LC alpha version is supposed to replace it once femswap.esp is merged. The LC version of IsFemale is essentially a psuedo-random number generator. Given same seed and same formid, will always generate the same number, so that the result would be reliable no matter when or from where you call the function. Though I ended up using tokens anyway for other reasons. Fortunately you don’t need anything like ‘profiling’ because ‘gender’ in LC is a biological thing.

I don’t have much to tell about animation, but I don’t think we have such thing as waveform converter. We do have boob bounce generator as a Blender script, if that’s similar enough to what you were talking about. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many of the former LAPF animators are still around.

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