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My last post was only the gender check, not the Models/nif switch.

I want all dogs male, so they use male sex animations and can rape ( If Rapers settings allow it )

And LSTBravilUnderground creatures are all male trainer, they fuck the player , not the player fuck a female creature. ( If I remember right in the training scripts the creatures are set to OFF and Player/NPC to DEF. Would not look good with female creatures without dicks.

A creature that is set to male behave like creatures we have now ( Now all are male. No Mod cares if Tamago add wombs to some creatures. They use off animations during sex )

So the “set whole Mod esp to male or female” only for the genders.

I thought it is easier to set all creatures in a Mod esp to male instead of set all ID in a patch to male. ( In a Mod that need only male creatures . Or only female )

LBitch 65 Creatures.

LSTBravilUnderground/SlaveTrader 51

LoversCrowningIsle 57


End of gender check


Then the model switch check.

Yes when all Lovers bitch dogs are male and I have no new bodies and penis ( body without penis and a penis nif that can be add ) they will use the bodies they have in my esp and folders ( no switch ) only the Player dog and wolf and Kezune, Bailey, Daisy, Luna and the Horny wolves will get the new body and penis because they use the vanilla mesh path ( nif dogBody.nif and wolfbody.nif) and the new body and penis nif will be in the LC2.5 version.

Yes for all other dogs, wolves and Werewolves I have to create new meshes.

And If I change all I can also change the esp so we need no Patch. LoversBitch was a bad example.

But BravilUnderground/SlaveTrader use only vanilla meshes path / vanilla nif names. ( no new creatures nif and textures in the Mods )

All the male bodies and dicks we need for a body switch will be in LC2.5

After set the whole esp to “only male” the model switch can add the LC male bodies to that creatures.

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