Female sims have a double vagina. Is this normal?

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hey, Nohrin,
my apologies for the long delay of this reply.

your .BAT file is perfect — actually, it’s a rather clever solution for clearing those annoying cache files. perhaps you could consider turning it into an Applet then sharing it with the Windows TS3 community, eh?
because i’m on an Apple Macintosh, i personally have no use for it; yet, i’ll try to write a similar script then have it shared with other Mac TS3 players.

as for the Mods’ list you posted, i couldn’t see any specific conflict — which doesn’t mean there isn’t any. i asked you to remove Gecko’s Mods exactly because they are default ones; meaning they replace the original TS3 meshes for butts and vaginas.

as a rule of thumb, “there can be only one” (that infamous “Highlander” catchphrase) default replacement file per skin, mesh, hair, and body hair.

however, skins (or skintones) can become a complex issue; for example:

let’s assume you install a default female skin name AllAgesFemale that replaces all EA Female skins from ages Toddler to Elder. then one day you find this beautiful default replacement skintone for teenagers only, download it and have it installed. since you already have a default teenage female skin replacement from AllAgesFemale, both skins will conflict and that may CTD your game.
i don’t use Default Replacement Skins; editing Townies and NPCs in CAS is actually part of the fun. on the other hand, i have over 1.6 GB of non-default skintones installed, all neatly merged into three or four packages.
finally: i used Gecko’s Vaginas & Butts until i decided to install a beautiful non-default skintone that was created at least a year before his Mod was released. her/his vagina mesh didn’t work with this skin; it appeared as if it were a different body part. since i valued the skin over the Mod, i decided to have the latter uninstalled.
seriously, it didn’t make that much difference.

yes; that’s exactly how CMarNYC’s NouveauNudists work. so they appear in CAS as top and bottom clothing pieces — usually at the end of their options.

i believe the best way to understand TS3’s CC and Mod mechanics is by creating them. there are several SimsWiki around the Internet that teaches the subject; one that i suggest as a starting-point is Mod the Sims.

that’s it, mate; hope i could be of any help, Nohrin.
wish you a great time; cheers.

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