Fertility Mode

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I’ve found a solution to one of the things I wish this mod allowed for: Allowing female characters who have their gender changed to male to inseminate / impregnate other females directly without having to cast a spell at them.

Solution was to use SexLab’s gender check functions instead of the native game’s gender check function, but only do so if SexLab is loaded and detected by fertility mode. This should also work for anything that uses sexlab’s functions to change a male actor into a female as well (though I haven’t tested such things).

Below are the script source and compiled replacement script for the one script this requires a change to. This should work the Legendary Edition of Skyrim as well, it may just need to be recompiled for the legendary edition.

Narue, feel free to grab this for any future updates or patches to Fertility mode as you see fit.


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