[FlashyPlay] – FlashyPlay v1.0 (Main Download)

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FlashyPlay v1.6 Released.

Just in time to still be a pain in the ass for the shit-year that 2018 was for me – should have known it wouldn’t let me go so easily without one last ‘fuck you’. LOL!

Yeah, well, fuck you too 2018.

On the upside, the male player role reversal issue is corrected. Tested new routines with both male and female player character, using single and multistage animations, without issue, both with and without a sleeping bag in place.

In other news…

2019 is literally around the turn of the hour now and I can tell you all that I am working behind the scenes (and inbetween updates on this mod and all of my other ones) on my next ORIGINAL mod – not a rehash, not a spinout, not an update. Something new that caters to the way I like to play the game and I think there are a lot of you that will like it too. I’ll let the suspense kill you… largely because that’s just the prick I’ve become lately. But also because anticipation is the fucking spice of life.

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