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There’s not any way [that I’m aware of, at least] to video record your sims doing naughty things, but I did find a sneaky way of doing the “porn star” thing.

I have 2 controllable sims, (Allana – who is the porn sat, and her husband, Leonardo) I got one Allana’s Naturism skill up to 2 (so she’s not shy), get her naked & have her perform solo sex actions. I have Leonardo actingnd at her feet & use his phone to take pictures. I used cheats to max Leo’s photography skill so he takes quality pictures. I put the photos on the walls, and have Allana upload them to Simstagram. She gets like 100+ followers for each photo.
It’s weird, though – Allana always gets more followers when she uploads pictures where you can see her asshole. Siims are kinky AF.

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