Giant Anal Beads

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Giant Anal Beads
For TES4 Oblivion

Do you feel your PC or companion NPC or whomever needs some extra motivation?? Just shove these brutes where the sun don’t shine.

Comes in two colours: black & pink. Includes amulet and tail slot versions. Ideal for enchantment…
A standard seam-hider is also attached as well as a small arm tat.

Install…just copy/paste drag/drop etc the meshes & textures folders plus the GiantAnalBeads.esp into your Oblivion Data folder. Activate the esp…load order isn’t critical.

Location: In two barrels: One is located in Anvil on the deck of the ship “Clarabelle”. The other is on the wharf located at the Prison Sewer entrance. The barrels respawn if you need more…errr…motivation.

Credits: Includes resources from Apachii, Brideynas Fetish Girl plus others from the Oblivion community. I’m not sure who originally built the meshes for the small anal beads…but all design credit to them. All I did was upscale the mesh in Nifskope and re-tangent them to work properly in game.


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