Giving an item an inventory model

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If nothing has changed in Skyrim SE regarding an item’s ground mesh then that means the mesh that you see when dropping an item from inventory is the same as the mesh you see in your inventory.

My guess is that the transformation (scaling and position) and placement needs to be fixed. A ground mesh is centered in the inventory screen because the mesh is in ‘true’ center, albeit some slight adjustment so that it does not float when dropped from the inventory because of the bound box. Have you ever tried out a mod only to see that the inventory model is off to one side? Your situation is likely similar only more so to the point it can’t be seen.

In other words, open the new linen wrap mesh in Blender or 3dsmax and position it in the true center (in Blender, right-click on the mesh to select it then click ALT+G). As for scaling and position, you may need to import the Skyrim linen wrap mesh (as a NIF or OBJ) and use it as reference to rescale and reposition. Don’t forget to recenter it if needed.

Export as a NIF if you have the correct NIF import/export plugin for Blender or 3dsmas or as an OBJ. Import into Nifskope and make any final edits before testing in your game.

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