Happy Hookers Inc. (24/06/18)

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It’s not a quest mod, yet. But it will be. It was always intended to be. After the ZAP update it’s going to pivot hugely towards advancing story beats I’ve been wanting to progress for ages. The dossier system has ended up being blessing.

Henry’s next encounter (included in the next update) will demonstrate where I’m going.

The current update has largely been about giving me cool things to play around with during quests so I can make them different. A big part of that is ZAP but there’s other things too like the mail and delivery system. All of these are pretty much finalised btw, for now at least. I’m mostly focused on story and encounters atm.

It probably won’t make it into the next version but the next Keeley encounter I’m working on really takes advantage of what I can now do with ZAP. It combines ZAPs locator functions (with dynamic on screen animations) and the idea I had for another mod to do with the terminal grid/pathway.

I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot right now 😀

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