Happy Hookers Inc. (24/06/18)

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There’s nothing to stop you setting up a ZAP camp in one of your settlements.

The apartment building is on hold. It was really only a vehicle to introduce the other Zodiac hookers to the player. But truth is, they were mostly just a fun extra. There’s no real link between them and the story bits. I might go back to it eventually though, it has some cool ideas like every apartment having a two way terminal system, so you’d be able to call and see if someone is in etc. Other things are more important for the time being.

Two new story encounters. I was planning more but with the update dragging on for so long I’ve been trying to prioritise.

I need to think of a way to categorise the types of encounters better for discussion.

Firstly there’s the encounters with important and unique Zodiac related characters (Isaac, Zuben etc). I’ve created a new dossier system for those which you access via the Zodiac network. It’s like you build a case file on the character (idea taken from another mod idea I had where you’d be like a really shitty private detective).

So when you first meet one of them it fills in the bio (as there is now for characters such as Merope under ‘People of the Zodiac’). There are then subsequent sections which fill out when you complete an encounter in their chain of events. It will also be how you unlock other stuff like being able to send mail (and receive mail) from those characters. That’s further along though as their stories develop, in the next update the only character you can send mail to is Merope. The dossier also acts as a way to know if there is any thing left to do for that character in the current version you are using. A few people asked for something like that.

As you get to know the Zodiac VIPs better the encounters are getting a fair bit more complex. In the next update for example, you’ll get to visit a place where Henry is pretending to be a man of the cloth (he says he was a pastor before the war) and he has a small but confused congregation. Some, not all, of the VIPs are going to have their own special area like Henry’s chapel. And in the case of Henry that area will change over the course of future encounters. Henry has ambitions (with your help) to turn his little chapel into a nightclub (I don’t believe he was a pastor before the war personally).

There are now also ZAP encounters. Those are new of course because ZAP is new. There’s two kinds of ZAP encounters, ones involving multiple clients and solo encounters.

*ZAP can also be attacked. That’s kind of an encounter but it doesn’t involve much talking.

The encounters involving multiple clients require you to use a ZAP camp preset, so they involve a bit of preparation before hand. I’ve shown versions of these before, like the dance show preset.

The ZAP solo encounters will only trigger if you’re using a more basic camp setup and the Zodiac surveillance system is either unavailable (can’t connect) or reporting only one nearby client. There’s a chance based mechanism for solo encounters which will expose a rarer subset of solo encounters. Still thinking about how to balance that.

The rarer ZAP solo encounters are geared more towards survival. So you’ll often be trading for a particular kind of service rather than caps or tokens. And some are just meant to be funny.

All of the ZAP encounters are unique to ZAP not recycled from stop encounters.

There might be one or two new stop encounters as well.

So, in short:

2 new story encounters

4 (maybe 5) ZAP preset encounters

3-5 ZAP solo encounters

1 (maybe 2) stop encounters

I’m really struggling to post on the website recently.

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