Happy Hookers Inc. (24/06/18)

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During the sex ‘mini game’. You know what I don’t like calling it that. It seemed normal to me that you wouldn’t just click a button and watch an animation. I want you to work, you’re meant to be working after all.

In the old version of Zodiac it’s way too easy to get good or perfect scores. Good and perfect scores are meant to be a currency in their own right. So I’ve really ramped up the difficulty in pleasing clients. Expect a lot of low and medium scores and reviews. The values calculated during the sex ‘mini game’ are a lot more nuanced now. For a start there’s player exhaustion, client exhaustion, client frustration and client stimulation.

Every stat that determines progress and how well you do during a sex encounter runs off a modifier that is affected by various things as well as its own standard tick. Some are determined during the encounter. Some are determined before, like client style preference, client build, client build preference (your build), your Zodiac sign, the clients Zodiac sign.

Player and client exhaustion will of course end the encounter if either are maxed out. But they now have modifiers applied depending on the stage of an animation. Later stages drain more exhuastion. Remember you can step backwards and forwards (or repeat) within an animation style as well as switch animation style. This is much more important now, not just for exhaustion values.

Client frustration builds if you do things like repeat stages or use animation styles that the client doesn’t like. If client frustration gets too high they might decide to leave, or they might become violent. If they become violent you have the choice to resist and then beat the shit out of them in a brawl, or you can submit (don’t do that, have some self respect you’re a Zodiac!).

Client stimulation is modified by things like animation style stage, client style preference, client starsign (yes it can stack).

Still with me? Cool.

Your final score is then calculated based on a combination of how you did with the various things above. I’m not going to explain exactly how it’s calculated because I’d prefer you to suffer. It does take all the stats other than player exhaustion into account as well as some other things though.

The ‘Star Shots’ are a daily allowance based on your Zodiac Star Rating which enables you to just click an option during the sex encounters and get a instant finish and perfect score. You get as many daily as your current Star Rating.

Something I can do now is play out predetermined sequences and I can also track your picked sequences and record them. In the future I’d like to give you the option to save them for later if a client says something like “Wow! You’re the best” afterwards and gives you a perfect score. It won’t be as simple as that as I’ll still apply modifiers for preference, starsigns and builds. But I like the idea of you finding certain ‘routines’ that work well and being able to play them back, so to speak.

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