HDT Anus Physics Update PE/SMP

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Maybe you’re the type that has to experiment for themselves to see if it’s possible or not. But, the short answer is no. Remember we are using an outdated software plugin for 3DS Max which doesn’t have a feasible way to easily bridge the gap between HDT’s phyisics plugins and muscle rigs. If you were even remotely close to an understanding between bridging Blender physics and HDT’s plugin, you wouldn’t be asking the question. I’m not trying to be diminishing of your objectives, just trying to save you time. It’d be much easier to work with what you have currently on hand, rigid bodies and constraint spaces. XP 32’s physics rig of rigid bodies as prZ posted won’t work, I’ve tried it myself. 2013’s Havok Tools are simply not designed for that purpose. Also, I’m not pro, or even a good amateur, but for every game I’ve modded so far, most, if not all don’t use muscle rigs, it’s too much CPU use. Muscle rigs are usually for rendered animation. Usually tricks with skeleton rigging and animation are used to prevent hinge joints and promote believable anatomy. But, like always, if I’m wrong, someone can correct me.

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