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yes, right.

and tag <no-collide-…..> it means there are NO collisions between two meshes (what is supposed to mean their free intersection with each other, which always amazed me I thought my poor English was to blame). For specific meshes it is better to use the tag <can-collide-with-mesh> that directly indicates which meshes should collide (that is, NOT intersect) in any case. It also reduces the impact on performance and allows you to precisely control the behavior of the mesh on contact.

In the case of the body mesh (and it is big ), it is difficult to control how the belly behaves, for example, when it comes into contact with an elbow or a finger or thigh, where the bone will move and the whole mesh will sometimes not be predicted. Therefore, they came up with adding proxy meshes as limiters of those areas that should behave as planned. Crutches Although it is necessary to use them wisely For example, if you add VirtualGround mesh to your body nif, then when you face the floor, your chest will jump around like a crazy ball, regardless of the physics settings. And in such cases, the effect of wild shaking and frequent oscillations of body parts at the most unnecessary moment appears But you saw it yourself …

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