HDT Werewolves SE

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I’m less than a week into modding, so I’m not gonna argue about anything, but please explain “…nothing like that…” Like what? HDT physics for SE? Werewolf beastly bits? ???

For HDT, the HDT-PE (havok version) won’t happen, I get it, but I’m trying the new HDT-SMP (using Bullet physics). No luck so far…

For the bits, mods like MNC, HCOS, or the aforementioned DERRAX replacer have the parts I want, but I’m still incompetent to make it work right with Moonlight Tales. Not to mention the constant CTD on female werewolf transformation I’m trying to fix.

If you or anyone have perfectly working werewolves (both m/f) with Moonlight Tales reskins, please share. (mods, load order, MCM options, files…)

P.S. I know I’m bitchin’ n whinin’ I get that.

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