How to do multiple Bodyslide conversions for different characters?

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I’m hoping there might be some Bodyslide experts in here so here goes. I recently installed an all in one body replacer, all in one hdt vagina, and it gave options in the FOMOD to give different NPCs different bodies, depending on the mods you had installed (for instance, you could give Bijin Wives the CBBE slim preset and Seranaholic the CBBE curvy preset). Where I am confused now is how I am going to create different armor and clothing set conversions for each body I selected, if it’s even possible. I already know how to create a conversion for a single body type, but that means the armor and clothing would be different than the body itself. That bugs me. I use Mod Organizer if it helps. Sorry if I worded it wrong, I’m still relatively new to PC modding.

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