I am sooo in need of help.

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@GenioMaestro I know very well that a lot of the time it isn’t the mods that are bad but certain combinations or too many that constantly check things can cause issues. I spent some time going through my mod list cleaning it up and eliminating mods that were bad (constant errors due to bad scripting) and adjusting other mods. Now I run about 240 esp’s with a ugrids of 9 with no issues at all and get 40-60 fps (capped) indoors or out.

Creature Framework at its standard settings will cause instability, especially in a script heavy environment. It scans every actor in a 2 cell radius around the player every 5 seconds at its default settings. I had issues with this mod myself, no errors from it just random crashes but increasing the time between scans to 30 seconds made it stable.

From what I have seen of Sanguine’s Debauchery it looks like it scans the player every second, not saying it is good or bad seeing as Milk Mod Economy and Be a Cow do the same thing (BaC is even more intense) but those two mods I have not had any issues with though I don’t run many script heavy mods and the ones I do I keep a close eye on.

Most of the time it isn’t a mod that is bad but that someone has too much going on and it is overloading papyrus and running multiple mods like Creature Framework that constantly scan the area will end up causing an issue if another mod does something short but script intensive. Mods like these and mods that are throwing constant errors are the things I check a persons script log for and advise them to see about decreasing the scan time or fixing or removing whatever mods are throwing constant errors. As for mods that I say have issues I only talk about ones I have specific experience myself or have seen enough errors on peoples logs to know a mod is prone to causing issues.

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