I need help finding a mod which equips devious devices on npc after sex

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Yes and no. One of my problem with defeat is that it makes the game to easily and trust me i already tried it several times. The problem is that i can’t seem to find it to immersive (or simply OK) when you sneak behind an enemy like the boss of the dungeon with your weapon drawn and tell him to surrender and tie him and kill him (just like that) it makes all the human enemies to easy to kill just 4 getting to close to them and unfortunately this option can’t be disabled as far as I remember last time i tried.

The second problem is that it uses always the same ties and i would like some bondage like a proper good armsbinder on my enemies just for fun to see them runing with those while i whip them to raise their arrousal for another round of rape.

The third problem which was the only reason i tried this mod before and ended removing it was to be able to rape my enemies with my follower which….. worked only for some animations since other animations had different actor order and i was the one getting raped instead of raping. I fixed this partly with scent of sex so now after a few minutes of fight (whipping them to increase their arrousal) while i am not sneaking they come to me asking for sex and i can rape them with my follower with any animation correctly.

I am still reading about Deviously Cursed Loot (which was suggested by donttouchmethere) since it has some interesting features such as close range spells to attach devious devices for a limited time to npc and also has combat surrender for enemies such as defeat so hopefully it might work with some settings or some mod modification like i did for PSQ to fix some stuff i didn’t liked or considered a bug.

Still can’t understand why there are mods which attach devious devices to player after rape and have no option for the other way to attach to NPC after you rape them.

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