i need help with mods

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LOOT is the Load Order Optimisation Tool. You can find it by doing a Google search or you can go to my blog (the link to my blog is in my signature below) and use the link there. Running LOOT is very intuitive I do not think you will have any trouble doing so. After doing that you will be able to find an icon in the upper right corner on the blue bar that looks like three vertical dots or buttons. When you click on that the menu will give you several choices. Choose “Copy load order to Clipboard” and come back here an paste it in a spoiler.

To use a spoiler on LoversLab (LL) go to the bar that runs over the area in which you type your posts. It starts with “Size” and “Font”. About halfway across is an icon that looks like an eye (it is just to the right of the smiley-face emoji icon). Click on it and it will give you a spoiler like this:

Then, paste the output of the LOOT into the spoiler in whatever manner you are used to pasting (I right click inside the spoiler box and choose “paste” from the menu.

FNIS is Fore’s New Idle System and can be found on Nexus. When you press the button to run it it produces an output (on the top portion of the box) as I described above. Simply “choose” (with your mouse) all the material in the box (between skeleton and animations as described above). When it is all highlighted right click on it using you mouse. Choose “copy” from the menu. Then come here and paste the results.

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