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I love the interactions with your follower where they equip devices to you when you are going through a dungeon. I think it would be even greater if the Follower was “tricking” the character into wearing the devices. Saying something after a fight with some enemies “Oh your armor isn’t looking too good after that one, try this instead.” and then they equip some arm and leg cuffs. The character (Unaware of what the devices do) thanks the follower at first because they do seem like they could actually help deflect an attack in combat. Then, the bondage progresses slowly with chastity belt + plugs and the follower mentions something like “this will protect you in case we lose the fight, and help you concentrate more.” (All the while the follower has the keys and can take the belt on and off at their pleasure.) In the final stages maybe the follower would sneak up behind you while sneaking up on an enemy and wrap a gag around your mouth telling you, “I can’t afford your making any more noise and giving away our position.” and finally ending with an armbinder to complete the bondage and make them a fucktoy for the follower, where with the set of keys they can use at their own pleasure.

If this is already a mod I haven’t heard of please let me know! But i thought it would fit in great as an alternate to the finding devices and attaching them to you.

I already know about some of the similar mods like Devious followers and deviously enslaved. But they Just don’t have quite the same feeling I am looking for.


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