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Running FNIS fixed all the animations, DM2 and the other ones that weren’t working.

There is still a problem of the npc not getting on some furniture in hearthfire dungeon addon like the spit roast. I get them to move there (teleport them though MCM menus or using DM2) but then when I tell them I’m going to tie you up then let’s get you onto one of these toys they just stand there or walk away. Any fix for this? The only way I was able to get them to use some of the furniture in dungeon added was using the ZAP 8 Helper Addon 1.0.2 but that only works for 1 npc at a time so is not a good solution now. Are you able to get them to use the spit roast that’s already in the dungeon addon, as well as the mount on the back wall and the area with the spikes coming up and down on both sides of the room beside the chairs/bed?

as always, no errors in FNIS, about 3k animations total.

can you try using the whip on an NPC managed by HSH without telling them they will be whipped and then doing it for about 30 seconds – 1 minute clicking continuously really fast? Even with breaks from clicking the game just CTD after about 30 seconds – 1 minute. If you tell them they will be whipped first I think it’s more stable or maybe there are no issues at all, if you don’t you get CTD.

The load order fix that got DM2 to work was changing the load order so dcc-dm2.esp had to be above pahe and hearthfiredungeon had to be below pahe. This was not listed on any of the mod pages and the hearthfire dungeon addon developer said that where their mod is should not matter. Is there any logical reason how one can figure this out or is it pure trial and error?

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