Immersive First Person View – SexLab Special

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I came up with the name. It’s my term for essentially forcing IFPV’s SLProfile that comes with meh321’s original mod to be running 24/7, along with some tweaks and optional changes. SLProfile was included in the default configuration for the original IFPV to automatically enable while SexLab scenes were triggering. It enabled some more intricate first person immersion. I made it so that could run all the time, tweaking it to be a bit more practical.

The main focus was to provide ways to make first person mode feel more immersive, and be friendlier to mods that have equipment over your head like Devious Devices gags.

Technically, it makes the game shine more even without any adult mods, I just figured I’d name it as such as an ode to where I got the code from in the config file originally.

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