Immersive First Person View – SexLab Special

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For anyone interested, here is my new configuration for Enhanced Camera and IFPV.

What it does:

Automatically switches first person camera to IFPV when in a SexLab scene, overriding Enhanced Camera. No need for keys, it’s automatically detected. Once the player starts a SexLab scene, zooming into first person or toggling first person through the use of the Camera Switch hotkey will put the player into IFPV.

Changes FOV based on first and third person cameras while in a SexLab scene. Right now I’ve FOV 50 for first person and FOV 40 for third person, but you are free to tweak it to your taste.

Enhanced Camera is a better plugin for general gameplay while IFPV is a better plugin for SexLab due to its customizability. Thus this configuration provides the best of both worlds, having Enhanced Camera for general gameplay while automatically overriding with IFPV for SexLab scenes.

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