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I know this seems like a little thing. But when you enslave someone after a bleed out, they instantly become your own personal super soldier and they hold up their hands in position as if they were holding a machine gun even if they have nothing in their inventory. Now it is little thing, but if I was recently wounded and captured by some scum bag who put an exploding/shock collar around my neck I might not be ready to dive back into combat like a terminator, nor would I be 100% obedient to the bastard that just killed my friends and took my life away as his own possession. Can you maybe add something that links up with the slave obedience rating that increases over time? I mean if you cant trust this person to guard your base yet why would you trust them not to blow your head off when your back is turned so they could get away-assuming you have control over the bomb in their collar?

Anyway I love the mod. Its remade the game for me, but it never hurts to give some constructive criticism. I hope you will take it in stride.

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