LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males (ver 2.5 with SMP released 3-23-19)

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Hello. I have problem with SMP.

Only because this awesome armor i switch from HDT-PE to SMP i’ve go step by step in the All in one SMP installation here on the LoversLab except the first step ( OpenCL runtime) that i might have it (Gpu GTX950M, Intel HD graphic and processor Core I3) because on different website i read that when i have Win 10 and Intel GPU/CPU i can skip this process… All the other steps i get and i have still problems… My body have physic (jiggling Breasts but and belly) but no collision and clothes don’t have physic… IDK what im doing wrong…

Because you must make the same installation, there must be something more what you did and maybe i overstep….

Is here some after install procedure to set the outfit to use the physic or it may work right out of the box? i run bodyslide BTW… Maybe i have somewhere still set to use HDT-PE in clothes but IDK where…

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