Laura Croft Tomb Raider BOTTOM ONLY

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Adult BOTTOM ONLY for females. Made with standard EA Mesh.
Tomb Raider bottoms has bikini bottom, Web belt holsters and two Desert Eagle sidearms. It has paintable fingernails, gun parts, and of course the Bikini. Each on a separate color channel as you will see from the colored gun picture.

Most all flaws with the Outfit version have been corrected.

Fingernails cleaned up.

MedBod replaced with standard EA body to allow better blending with other Tops like the wet-tee shirt…

Any top will work with this version.

There will be some clipping with loose fitting tops that are away from the waist. The Holster may appear to be clipping while in CAS but shows normally in game.

Enjoy! […yes, I know it’s Lara… lol]

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