Let’s talk about Epic Games and the Division 2

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The last game I bought from Ubisoft was Silent Hunter 3. This was before they went to “we’ll require a constant internet connection for single-player games and anyone who doesn’t like that will just buy a console version”. That didn’t work, many people were like me and just stopped buying their games. Then Ubisoft decided we’ll just require you to run UPlay and Steam at the same time. The only thing more stupid than running one DRM client is running two for one game. I’ve never played an Epic game, they don’t have anything that interests me, so I couldn’t care less if Ubisoft only sells games I don’t play on a Service I’ll never use.

Until a competitor comes along who isn’t trying to sell their own games and don’t see customers as a resource to be controlled and harvested I don’t see anybody really making any headway against Steam. You have to offer something better for the people who are actually buying the games if you want to gain significant market share. It isn’t developers that Epic needs to court, it’s consumers.

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