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I’m currently at 4714 animations. I’ve been collecting them since WW originally launched; some have been discontinued I’m sure. Right now I’m only a Patron of Lupobianco (he totally deserves it – if you’re on the fence about donating to an animator this is the one you want) but I also was a Patron of Omaster until he literally disappeared and ditched all his paying supporters without actually, you know, following through. Hope nothing happened to him, but still. Grr.
Good on you for making a list though. Anything that makes it easier to find the files is alright in my book. Oh, and for the animators reading. Please – PLEASE put your files in the download section instead of in a forums thread. It’s incredibly difficult to follow for updates without getting notified every time every member NewGuy519 says “hi” or “thanx”. Just my 0.02, but for real.

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