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I’m not taking it particularly seriously I just wanted to rant about how most fantasy isn’t fantastical enough.

that’s my main issue, why does it have to be comparable to the real world, this is why i stayed in shivering isles when i first got the game. as for the other continents, god i hope we get to visit, and the ‘land’ of the see elves too, i heard ther skin described like a jellyfish, now that’s fantasy.

well apes, who are tailless and have some other differences between monkeys, but they descended from monkeys so i guess that statement is true charizard descended from charmander 😜 but, yeah, maybe you are right maybe I’ve become so accustomed to western Europe in media and history books that it seems so mundane to me.

any way, in the interest of me stop derailing this thread, pictures

anyway thanks for letting me vent, i love the blank canvas that is oblivion, but its so blank i cant help but spend more time modding than playing and the game just grows all the more unstable while i contineue adding to my bloated ‘masterpiece’

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