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I tried Animated Prostitution on Nexus, and for the most part, I liked it. It was standalone; no other mods required, and it allowed for NPC-NPC interactions, and for the most part, it worked. It was simple, and that’s what I wanted. But there were drawbacks. The anims could be glitchy, the dialogue wasn’t lore friendly, it didn’t recognize teenagers(child lock-out is good; I’m no pedo, but the Skyrim teenagers race look 17-25) there were too many weird anim options, not enough normal ones, and worst of all, it was incompatible with multiple followers. I’m building ten characters, one of each race, of varying moral proclivities. Even the three who are completely monogamous have to wonder what the point of marriage is. The polygamist characters(Marriage Mod- To Have and to Hold) would like to allow their multiple spouses to enjoy each other. A few of the characters are shamelessly promiscuous, and two would pimp their followers out for money. I’m not looking for anything weird or kinky(no rape, no beastiality, no pedo, no M-M, no strap-ons, fisting, footjobs, etc.). If my monogamous characters could kiss and cuddle with their spouses, that would be great. I already have nude meshes from CBBE and Better Males with Favored Souls(flaccid normally, but I have an erect mesh for anims) I neither have nor want a skeleton mod, or FNIS. Ideally, NPC spouses should have a negative reaction to finding out they’ve been cheated on(except player spouses; they should be content to share the Dragonborn), and fathers/mothers to finding out their daughters have been defiled. Maybe make it like an assault charge if caught in the act, and/or a % chance of Hired Thugs being sent later on. Any chance of adding anims to the daily activities of married NPCs which could potentially be walked in on(to their annoyance, and a charge of trespassing if discovered), and/or allowing followers to marry each other? I’m wanting to make my playthrough as realistic and immersive as possible, drawing the line just shy of Beeing Female; there are enough kids in the game as-is. Could anyone recommend a mod on LoversLab that might suit me? Must, must, MUST be compatible with Multiple Followers Lite on Steam Workshop.

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