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The reason for the censor was mostly for my porn addiction, that I currently am getting under control. Though I would be interested to know if there is an ism for porn addiction. Sorry of I did somehow veer off topic. I tend to delve into politics for examples when I discuss policy, mostly because they provide endless examples of red flags to look out for. Also it is educational when evidence is brought up, I dont mind learning a couple of things here and there.

Now as to the topic of the thread. Lovers Lab is a much better candidate when allowing freedom of creativity, then any site with the polices of Nexus mods ever was. The fact I am not banned right now for bringing up these political and economic examples goes to show why Lovers Lab is superior to Nexus Mods. And I am a firm believer the punishment should fit the crime as well. If one abuses threads ban them from threads not the whole site. It just makes sense to me. Thank you lovers lab for putting up with someone as socially awkward as I am.

Personal mental issues have made my social skills among other things a little less developed. Honestly I have no intent to offend, just to actually talk about something that will matter still in five years.

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