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No range at all. People are moving. Eronor catched a female folk in the area you were before arriving to Weynon Priory and decided to go see her.

That changes his habit. Usually, he builds a relation with Nardhil, who tends the horses just nearby.

That makes me remember Alessia Caro wanting to have sex with her husband while she was in Chorrol.

You did make me worry hard….

Plunderers have no reason to abandon you. They wander when you have sex, but they should return once you’re done. I couldn’t believe what you wrote, so I tested it just right now and members come back after sex, but wander while you have sex.

There’s something wrong. Could you show me your load order? I wonder whether one of your mods is fighting against Plunder to make your plunderer moving…

Second thing, but this is not really related to your problem, calling members works, but can be very long if you call plenty of people. Moreover, they have 11% chance to refuse for the moment, because they figured to be too busy. At the end, they will eventually come.

Yeah, it gives this impression. But if you play normal, plundering dungeons, you easily succeed the quest after a while.

Nevertheless you have a shortcut: kill all traders, except Mysti. Then go pillage your local mage guild and sell the loot to Mysti.

I also recommend you to use:

Disposition is the base of Desire. Forget about Speechcraft, it is not used at all.

You can use the wheel, bribe or use illusion magic. Sometimes, you even don’t need to change the disposition of a NPC.

I remember arriving at the Brina Cross Inn for the Anvil Recommendation and Arielle Jurard jumped on me to tell me her desire (because we’re faction mates). I refused, so she tried with the owner of the inn.

And what’s your game difficulty?

If you are below 50% game difficulty, your damage is multiplied accordingly. Also your fists damage, then.

Remember that neutralization can cut down powerful enemies and then override your game difficulty.

For example, in the quest For Azura in Bravil Underground, I usually neutralize the vampire hunters (however, if I kill them then, it is considered as a crime).

Well, I thought over the Better Cities issue and your words about it.

Maybe should I remove all things outside Sinkhole and create more areas underground to hold the archery range, the new camp, the fields…

In fact, like Bravil Underground. Compatibility will be solved.

For me, Servants are mistakes when you are recruiting the person, but you still should be able for the following reasons:

– you want to create a slave from a servant

– you want to have field workers when you arrive at Sinkhole (you have to buy the fields from Mysti)

– you want to remove one particular NPC from their location on the world because they are in danger and want them preserved (you can, later, dismiss your servant)

Mysti’s the one responsible. You have no idea how she forces the other traders to dislike you once you leave the Depot.

Thanksfully, you can reason some traders to like you:

– if you are a girl, Arius will tend to paternalize you

– if you force Arius to take the courage to see one last time Caraslma, he’ll understand his cowardice and see you as a real friend

– if you play an orc and are correct with Worka, she’ll remain neutral to you

– if you play a male orc, you can even fuch with her and becoming close to her

– Leuvia will tend to like you if you do your job, ie: sell your items

– Pirov will propose you a quest, if you succeed he’ll like you (but be rationale on his proposition – what could he gives you as “alchemist”?)

– Mysti will hate you constantly

1. Oblivion is tedious and any follower mod is facing oddities when switching from Oblivion to Tamriel.

You may end up to see one of your follower resetted to their base actor. You diagnose this end by losing your companion while inside Oblivion: you have no idea where he/she goes. Then, unmistakely, the companion will be reset once you exit Oblivion.

To fight this bug:

– save before entering Oblivion

– make sure everyone follow you to the Sigil Stone (and, even then, the bug may still happen – why one follower instead another? I don’t know)

– or, do the Oblivion gate alone, leaving your followers holding the position (or waiting at ease) around the gate

2. Like Fejeena says, you have to manually duplicate a LST slave. With Plunder, this thing is handled automatically, even with the LST spell (when casted on a neutralized target).

You will have no problem to convert Dremoras. I have some. They will follow you outside Oblivion and act like any other member.

> nevertheless, followers switching worlds take more time to return to you, I don’t want to force anything here

Since they are duplicates, they will be destroyed by Plunder once they die.

Your dremora sluts won’t have a voice, though, because there’s none in vanilla game.

But daedra sluts…? You cannot convert creatures. Only NPCs.

3. Estrus and the likes require a liaison mod: a mod adding the related spell, in any way possible.

Or do it manually with the console?

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