Male Vagina Mod (Working And With Collisions)

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Male Vagina Mod (Working And With Collisions)

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This adds a WORKING vagina from the Clams of Skyrim mod, with full collisions and working everything. I made this for myself, but I wanted to share it in case someone can do a better job, as many asked and few (if any, to my knowledge at least) did anything to actually do this type of mod. I am rather good at pcs and stuff, but I don’t have enough drive and passion to polish what I do to the extent of the many artists that are here and on other sites, so this mod is not… let’s make a comparison. Other modder’s work: butterfly made of stone, but it looks real and delicate. My work: a rough, but solid, rock extracted with blunt blows and brute strength, then refined with a blade wielded by man with just one eye that just wants to show how good he is at cutting. BUT IT WORKS! And that is what truly matters to me (also, it doesn’t corrupt anything, not even on the long run, and that is the second most important thing to me ). THIS IS NOT A FAKE OBJECT, this is the butchered remains of a femalebody_0.nif file, made equippable as a second skin for the player [if you want I can also make it a default part of the body, just let me know!]

If you have a floating vagina, moving from left to right between your legs, read the first entry of the “What this requires” tab, you’ll see that you missed an important step (unless it is a new issue, in which case, tell me everything and I will be on it on fixing it asap! ).


What this does/is

This is an item that can be equipped (or added to your body mesh through nifskope, hopefully), which DOES NOT replace the male genitals (uses slot 49), and can be equipped by everyone to my knowledge (females too). It is a butchered part of a modified mesh from the Clams of Skyrim mod:

[ ]

You can find it by typing “help bodypart” in the console (without the quotes), or by using a mod like AddItem.

To make it so that SexLab does not unequip it during sex, simply open up the SexLab MCM menu and click on Strip Item Editor and tick BodyPart to NEVER REMOVE, done!

What this requires

A compatible skeleton (I am using XPMSE ) IMPORTANT! You must replace the skeleton of the character you want to use this mod with the female skeleton. To do this, simply copy the female one and give it the male one’s name, then replace the original (so you’ll go from skeleton_female.nif to skeleton.nif, for beast races is the same, but the names would be skeletonbeast_female.nif and skeletonbeast.nif). This needs to be done because only the female skeleton has vagina nodes (as well as MANY other cool nodes). I wanted to just copy and paste them over, but I am afraid I’ll just break something, and, as the female skeleton has both genital’s bones, it won’t ruin/modify anything

Some female body textures to go with (which need to be placed in the empty folder that comes with this mod), you just need the “lower region” parts.

HDT Physics Extended [ ]

The activation of the MannBody.esp file (you can place it wherever you like in your load order).

And you’re good to go!


Nothing, unless you REALLY mind the spasming and clipping. The clipping is, obviously, mesh related (it could be worse on your side if you are not using SAM, I think. It could be better, too! 50-50 chance, as I have not tested it on bodies other than SAM), the spasming is (I think) related to the collision in some way, but I have, really, no idea how to fix it [if you do, feel free to fix it or teach me how, I would be glad to learn! ]

Plans for the future

I plan on assisting in any way I can, but beyond this, unless something REALLY bothers me, I don’t have solid plans on the polishing of the meshes, so if anyone wants to do the polishing or improve upon this mod, fell free! Speaking of which…


Do whatever you want, just don’t claim you made this and don’t use this in paywalled mods (unless you’ll be releasing it after a month, don’t. If you’ll do it anyway, know that I’m sad ;( )


Bethesda and everyone involved for Skyrim

scivirus for Clams of Skyrim and his/her permission to upload this

Caliente and everyone else involved in the creation of BodySlide and Outfit Studio (with which this mod was made)

And everyone involved in the creation of collisions for Skyrim, Nifskope, and every other little thing that I know I forgot and that will gnaw at me for the rest of the night. But really, THANK YOU!



Mods used in screenshots:

ENB: SnapDragon Prime

Character body textures and meshes: he is a High Elf from Custom Races (so I can keep the npcs vanilla), is using HDT SAM (HD version), with default SAM Diffuse textures and SAM Light Textures Add-on body and hands normal maps by KouLeifoh (sam the _s and _sk, if I remember correctly).

Armor: the hood is a retextured dragon priest hood without the mask, plus a shadow I added (which can be equipped for any type of hood), to hide the face. It originally came from the mod Mannimarco Necromancer Robes by FafnirEtherion .

Animations: BakaFactory’s SLAL Animation (version 2.12 here on LoversLab at the time of writing).

If you wish to know anything else, let me know!






Models & Textures


XPMSE And Change Of Skeleton, HDT Physics Extended, texture as you like

Special Edition Compatible


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