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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)???

There’s nothing Lenny about his Melodic, I am seriously just trying to make some logical suggestions that have nothing to do with sex appeal!

Oh btw I alt tabbed in middle of writing this and forgot to finish this sentence lol:

“Open toes and heels for being able to grip the ground with her feet in a fight and a super skimpy / strappy ” body armor that is super tight to the body so she can move agile in a fight.

Also I mean, since it has so many straps and is such lightweight cloth, it would be a real shame if bandits or worse damaged it in a fight and things fell off. It would really be awful if her naked tits or ass were spilling out… But since this is probably unavoidable anyway… The body pieces should take up different slots like a set of Wonderful World of Bikini Armor would… So if, (and this is a big IF, not sure why anyone would do this) you use a mod that makes armor pieces in every slot take damage and fall to the ground one piece at a time, the poor heroine wouldn’t get naked all at once, but just a little bit at a time!

Man, it just sounds so tragic, it would be a total shame if this happened!


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