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I was having a play around in TES5 Edit, seeing if i could smash some things together and try out something, but i am not real good with it.

So i was wondering if i could get some help, or some advice as to what i am most probably doing wrong.

What i was trying to do is make an armour function as a wearable bound/unbound milk pump.

I tried to copy toe VMAD script from MME_MilkPUMP_Bound and put that on an armor but the milking function wasn’t automatic when equiping as it would be when steping on a pump, I also tried adding “MME_FeedingStagePassive “[MME] Feeding Stage” [SPEL:03053684]” to the EITM – Object Effect for the armour mod but also didn’t seem to work.

Any help would be realy appreciated

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