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If anyone has the capability to do these… well it would be just amazing if you could:

More RPG elements:

– Level/breast-size based damage reduction/stagger mechanic. The higher the values for each you’d get more frontal damage reduction but in contrast you’d also get increased chance to get staggered from behind attacks (the name of the perk could be something stupid like “heavy frontal shield” or some other abbreviation). That along with the already existing movement slow effect could be a great combo… You could be a literal moving tank… of milk.

– Milk that would gradually along level-ups get “special”… Like come on! The world of Skyrim is literally a world filled with magic and… dragons… and goblins… kinda. You could get like a pop-up saying “After long and painful period being a milkmaid, [you/other milk maid] have/has mythically learned the ability to imbue magical properties into one’s milk.”, and the milk you would get from that point on would give you different (maybe)random temporary/permanent stat-boosts… That or you could eat herbs to get magical potions out of – yeah no, skip that.

I know there is a lot of other things that could be applied but I’m out of resources… These two though would be really good additions in my opinion. Or maybe I’m just stupid and so is this idea…

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