Moans and Screams

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From your story reader standpoint,

how do you feel about ‘dirty talk’? Like your average

“Oh please… give me that cock… fuck yes….” or whatever.

I’m doing that a lot and I’m not sure if it’s actually perceived well. I feel like the line between hot and silly is very, very thin when it comes to it. But it’s also a pretty good tool to show the arousal and feelings of the characters… I’m not sure.

That’s actually a pretty nice, objective write up! Great job Tirloque!

To add my 2 cents to it, I think the “uh’s” and “ah’s” in the comic example above actually are actually pretty good, look fine and improve the comic.

But everything that tries to emulate the sound of the bodyparts liquids etc. just makes me laugh and destroys any kind of arousal that was build up before. Like how is a cock making “Thump” ?

I know you do that as well and I honestly think it’s ridiculous (no offense).

Anyway, I know it is personal taste, maybe I’m just trying to picture these sounds too much and each language has it’s own onomatopoeia as the pronounciation is different.

I really do like the write up in the end!

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