Mod Organizer + Bodyslide problems

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I’ll remove SGO since it doesnt seem to mesh well with MilkMod Economy, I wish i read all the incompatibilities with Defeat and Death Alternative, even though it recommends it lmao.
I guess I accidentally downloaded an old version of MNC? Dunno.
What do you suggest in replacing SkyRe and UFO, i just got back into modding a couple days ago so I was just using what I remembered working well.
Im not entirely sure either, it could be because i replaced my skeleton with another one in trying to get S.L.U.T.S. to work before realizing that the carriage is just way too buggy.
Edit: I guess when I originally spent about 5 hours installing and setting everything up I forgot to click on an option to select RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp
I guess that fixes one problem but im sure there is many more lmao

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