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Oh hey, I appreciate the feedback don’t get me wrong. I was a bit short yesterday as I was short on time. Keep it coming.

I’m going to look at the equip list again today. Thought this crap was behind me.

The immunity thing I’d say is a bug. I will have to add a worn list cleanup check on adding immunity. Conversely, I’ll have to add a check on every equip slot on removing immunity, which should also help with the equip list issue. I’ve already added some other fixes to immunity in my version.

Perhaps. Personally I like to be able to see the durability in my inventory rather than plodding through the Mcm. My character still can’t temper iron armor at level 5. As well as that, you would not believe the complications there are with getting a normal, unmodified string for the object name. Skyrim returns all sorts of random shit like names without capitals. Caps in the middle of a string etc. Fs I had to create an exception in the name script for ‘Gloves’ coming out as ‘GLoves’. And there are still issues with things like ‘pickaxe’. It’s beyond irritating! 🤬

But I might separate the naming function into it’s own script and give it states. Like

1. ‘(Durability/Max Durability, Fit)’

2. ‘(Max Durability, Fit)

3. (Fit)

4. Off

We’ll see.

You’ll have to double check this. I just checked with basically no mods and if

A) An object is dumped into another container. It will still be a favorite. But it’s hotkey assignment will be lost.

B) An object is dropped to the ground. It will NOT be a favorite and also lose it’s hotkey assignment even after making it a favorite again.

But look. All of this is moot really. Like I said earlier. There’s only a single papyrus function for favorites and it’s basically worthless:

bool Function IsObjectFavorited(Form form) global native

Returns rather the base form is favorited by the player or not.

The fact that it’s runs on a form and not an object reference means I couldn’t even tell if the object you dropped was favorited or if the other object of the same type still in your inventory was the favorite. But that’s it. No ‘AssignAsFavorite’ function. No ‘AssignHotkey’ function. So until SKSE/SkyUI implement such features (which lets face it, isn’t going to happen) my hands are tied. But believe me. I DO understand your frustration at this.

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