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Great, it seems solved!

There’s a couple minor things I’m reporting for the sake of completeness, but I understand if these aren’t use cases you want to address – still, how do you manage to develop without cocing around, honest question? 🤔

I could wear my starting gear (M15), but I could also equip everything I found in the same cell despite of the label (~F50 and F80), possibly I was still under the 20 seconds grace period and I will test better, other items I found later behaved as expected, so it seems just label mismatch;

if I coc and skip ASLAL, sometimes MWA doesn’t finish the soft deps check, which results in vanilla items and empty MCM – I thought it was just after the new fixes, but then I verified it happening with original 0.36 too, I’m attaching a log in case you find it of any use: Papyrus.0.log

I never used it, I play mostly dead is dead and my characters so far lived shorter than it would take to customize their look 😭 but I’ll consider it at least for testing MWA.

Thank you!

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