Neat Glitch: Partial Slavery

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So I have Defeat, Simple Slavery, Sanguine’s Debauchery, Creature Framework, and Imperious Races and had them interact rather strangely recently. No looking for help with this just thought I would share. So I was in some wolf infested bandit dungeon(west of Riften) and gave my Breton spellsword the Imperious Beast Tongue ability from the Bosmer. It grants you a permanent animal companion until you release them. I killed or subdued all the bandits while managing to lock up the wolves in a dog fighting pit. Beast Tongue acts as a super calm spell for animals so you can walk up and pick the one you want. I picked one and forced leveled it to match me. The calm ran out and I didn’t want to kill them so I tried to run and failed. Defeat triggered and a gangbang ensued. After I watched a full episode of South Park waiting for them to finish(and rack up that sex experience woo) I decided to increase the duration before they were ready and start spamming the End key, hoping for a teleport out via blackout. Well I got it, but somehow also got enslaved by my companion as I was teleporting away which interrupted the slavery prep(the dialog box and the few seconds to strip your equipment and put a collar on you). The result was that my animal companion now has the master options when I talk to him(Roll Over, Beg, Fetch etc) but I don’t have the slavery quest nor am I limited by being unable to attack.

I don’t think I could ever hope to repeat this glitch, so I want to be sure to keep this puppy alive. Apart from force leveling, anyone know any good way to permanently buff a wolf? I tried force equipping him but it doesn’t seem to work. Wasn’t expecting him to be visually armored, but the console says he still has no equipment on.

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