Need Basic modding help

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First let me say that those two hoods/masks look beautiful!

In my experience, when at first inexplicaple stuff like that happens, it’s usually down to some naming issues or slot issues, as pointed out above. Really everything has to match: folders, file names, slots, etc.

Generally speaking, I’d recommend to get comfortable with both NifSkope and Outfit Studio — the former is a bit intimidating at first (it certainly was for me and at times I still want to pull my hair out when I use it), but it is a powerful tool for editing and also troubleshooting your models. Some things can also be done in Bodyslide’s Outfit Studio, some even only there (like quick’n’dirty mesh sculpting without the need to go back to the 3D source), and some are much more comfortable to do in OS (like everything related to bone weights).

Also, in case you want to look into making your work compatible with Devious Devices (or just want a more comprehensive slots reference), this might help: — you won’t find that on the official Wiki. 🔞

I’m a bit late to the party it seems, but yep, that worked.

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