Need help with Skyrim SE modding

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Hello there, I already have modded old Skyrim LE and have 70Gb+ of modded game. But as I buy Skyrim SE can’t able to add the adults mods here, who workings fine on old Skyrim game.

I have issue with SOS 3.0 and UIextension, if I activate the esp the game not start at all. Also got issues with SexLab aroused SE version, can’t find a working JContainer and get always a error on my savegames or into a new started games.

Have problems with Horny Creatures and MNC as well, they’re recognized on MCM menu and animals animations as well, but NPC’s and animals and players PG too are stucks on place and not start any animation.

So if anyone can help me about the correct mods for Skyrim SE I need to downloads or have suggestions are welcome.

MODS I want to install:


Yiffy Age of Skyrim + Related Additionals Races

Horny Creatures of Skyrim

More Nasty Critters

SexLabs stuff: Aroused, MatchMaker etc.

Just asking about, is possible to have those pre-installed mods and repack them so I can add easy into my own game? Thanks on advance.


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